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Strobe flashes when speed limit is compromised through No Wake Zones, inner harbor, and ICW speed limits.

Do you know where your
fleet is?

(We do.)

Pinpoint accuracy for laptop or smart phone

Boat Fix Leads the Boating Industry in Remote GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Boat Fix Zoomed IN pic.png
boatfix app screenshot.png

Instant alarms for early departure or late returns

Automatically log departure and return times with a geofence around home base

Harbor Geofence.png

Real-time incident review

Save money on damage claims.  GPS playback gives you real time, digital truth, vs. delayed third-party hearsay. 

Accident Screenshot Boatfix.png

Damage report verified after rental boat collided with bridge.

In one season alone, we had multiple damaged lower units and replaced many props from boats grounding in places the member was advised to avoid because of underwater hazards.

Boat Fix on every boat is a now a no-brainer, especially with the geofence strobe alarm that averts the problem automatically in real time.

Freedom boat club logo.png

Jared Irwin


Lake St. Clair Freedom Boat Club

Unlimited customized geofences - any shape and any size

Boatfix portal 4.png

...and even set timed geofences to match return times

Pontoon 2.png

7:00 PM

Unique on-board strobe alarm
The console-mounted strobe activates in seconds when any
ence is breached

boat alarm.png

Never worry about outer limits, unauthorized areas, no-go zones

Geofence 3.png
Boatfix guy 2.jpg

24/7/365 business support
You'll speak to a live person EVERY time- even nights, weekends and holidays 


Don't Run Your Business Blindfolded!

Blindfolded guy.png
  • We'll keep you in the know

  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly customized and automated reports

  • Every boat in your fleet reported

  • Feedback on engine hours, max speed, alarms, where your boats were used, how your customers are using it

  • Stay on top of your business at a glance


Our Hardware is Dedicated to the Marine Industry

You Wouldn't Buy Your Boat from a Used Car Why Put an Auto Tracker on Your Boat?

Boatfix Device.png
  • Lifetime warranty and can be transferred to new inventory at no cost

  • 1/3 of the size of your cell phone

  • 4G data - works up to 20 miles off shore

  • Built in GPS and antennae monitors battery, bilge pump, engine hours, shore power disconnect


  • Reports every 60 seconds

  • Easy installation right on the boat battery

  • Internal battery back up for up to 18 hours

  • Minimal electric draw (30 millapms (25+5) over 4 months)

  • Anti-theft and unauthorized use software alerts law enforcement



If you can find a better combination of reliable hardware, tracking software, 24/7 business support, and competitive pricing I'll send you a case of champagne.

 – Alastair Crawford, Founder of Boat Fix

“As a boat club, the current location and travel history of our vessels is extremely important, as is the safety of all of our members. The installation of the Boat Fix units was effortless and both the website and app have been extremely easy to navigate. Their customer service and support team has been top notch and very responsive. We highly recommend Boat Fix as they have become a great asset to our boat club."

carefree logo.png

– Kalei Blalock, Carefree Boat Club

Call, text or email to find out how Boat Fix can help your fleet!

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