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Are You an Industry Leader in Customer Support?
With Boat Fix, You Could Be…

Boat fix gives your brand...

  • Unique 24/7 after sales and customer support.

  • A ready to go app that can be white labeled to your brand

  • Full training, easy set up and minimal administration

  • Over 30 years’ experience of 24/7 support to boat owners

  • Improved customer loyalty linked to a ROI

  • Around the clock dealership support 

  • Big data to drive your business forward

  • Customized automated reports with data analysis

  • Upgrades your production to a smart boat

  • Unique inventory tracking and dealer lot management software - from production to sale

STATISTIC: 32% of customer calls come from boats less than 6 months old, many of them with operator error issues that can be resolved on the spot.

“This is an absolute game changer. We’ve always believed our customers deserve the best and our partnership with Boat Fix will delivers just that, providing the ultimate in peace of mind and overall boating experience.”

-Jimmy Hancock, President, Sea Pro Boats

What makes us different


• 24/7/365 human support for all alarms

• 24/7/365 free technical helpline for mechanical issues

• 24/7/365 customer support -- we are always here for you

• A lifetime warranty on the telematics device.

• Customized monthly automated reports - free data analysis

• Unique precision inventory tracking and dealer lot management software capabilities

• Big data – analyzed and fed to you whenever you need it

• We listen. Then we customize a program that works for you and your budget

• Pricing – we understand every dollar matters

The Hardware

  • Low battery – below 11.9V

  • Bilge pump – alarm sent after variable minutes of continual use

  • Battery disconnect – if device or battery disconnected

  • Shore Power disconnect – or – Outboard engine removal

  • Geo Fence – exit & entry

  • Less than half the size of a cell phone

  • 4G data – will work up to 10 to 20 miles offshore

  • When out of range, device collects and buffers information

  • Reports every 60 seconds

  • Minimal electrical draw: 30 milliamps [25+ 5] – 4 months

  • Internal back-up battery

  • Built-in GPS and antenna

  • Monitors: battery, bilge pump use, shore power disconnect, engine hours

  • Alarms delivered by email, text and phone

  • GPS tracks – in real-time and with customized playback

  • Anti-theft / unauthorized use geo-fence. Default and custom / multiple

  • Lifetime warranty on the device

the monitoring and tracking software


All Monitoring and Tracking Independently Operated 24/7/365 by the Boat Fix Team

  • Data reporting [pings] set at 60 seconds, but can be reduced to 1 second

  • The most sophisticated geo fencing in the industry for unauthorized use and theft prevention

  • Automated big data reports that can be received monthly, weekly or daily

  • GPS tracking in real time with course, speed and position.

  • GPS playback with breadcrumb tracking with screenshots from covering one hour to 7 days

  • Inventory tracking and dealer lot management software included

  • All data stored for 7 years

  • Advanced stolen asset recovery software

the 24/7 customer service

Boatfix guy 2.jpg

The Boat Fix Advisor Team leads the industry in customer support. They will leverage your brand and customer experience to a new level. That’s just good business.  The only 24/7 customer service and mechanical support line in the industry -- to support you and protect your customers.

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring by Alarm Center team

  • 24/7 alarm outbound support response by Alarm Center team

  • 24/7 customer support

  • 24/7 mechanical helpline staffed by mechanics

  • No wait times, voicemails, number selection or irritating elevator music– the phone is answered in person – every time – all the time.

“We think that companies’ ability to adapt and thrive in this new era of telematics is very likely to determine who the next set of winners and laggards will be in this new connected age.”

Simona Jankowski – Senior Equity Research, Goldman Sachs

Watch the video to see how telematics makes you a winner.

Call, text or email to find out how Boat Fix can help your fleet!

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